The Benefits of International Geoarbitrage: 3 Examples

Geoarbitrage is a smart strategy that can help individuals enhance their financial position by taking advantage of different economic opportunities between countries. Below are three examples that demonstrate how geoarbitrage can offer benefits to people from different walks of life.

Example 1: Working Remotely from Medellin

Sarah, a marketing executive for a large corporation in New York City, was struggling with the high cost of living in the city. Despite her love for her job, she knew that she needed to make a change. After conducting some research, she discovered that the cost of living in Medellin, Colombia was significantly lower than in New York City.

At first, Sarah was hesitant to leave her job and move to a foreign country. However, she soon realized that she could keep her job and work remotely from Medellin. She spoke with her employer and arranged to work from her new location. This allowed her to keep her high-paying job and reduce her living expenses at the same time.

Once she arrived in Medellin, Sarah found a beautiful apartment in the El Poblado district for a fraction of the cost of her cramped studio in New York City. She was able to save money on food, transportation, and other expenses. Thanks to geoarbitrage, Sarah was able to reduce her living expenses by more than 50%. This gave her the opportunity to put more money towards savings, travel, and other things that brought her joy.

Despite her initial hesitation, Sarah soon realized that she had made the right decision. The warm weather and friendly people in Medellin made her feel more at home than she ever did in New York City. She was able to continue with her career while enjoying a lower cost of living and a higher quality of life.

Example 2: Freelancing from Thailand

James was a graphic designer from Australia who had always longed to travel the world and experience new cultures. However, his 9-5 job made it difficult for him to take extended periods of time off work, and he felt stuck in a rut. That was until he stumbled upon the concept of geoarbitrage.

After doing some research, James decided to move to Chiang Mai in Thailand, a popular destination for digital nomads. He began freelancing as a graphic designer and quickly fell in love with the local culture and warm weather. Living in Chiang Mai allowed him to significantly reduce his expenses and save more money, which he spent on travelling around Southeast Asia.

James spent his free time exploring the local markets, temples, and cafes. He made friends with other expats and locals and found that the community of digital nomads in Chiang Mai was incredibly supportive and inspiring.

Thanks to geoarbitrage, James was able to live his dream lifestyle while also earning a comfortable income. He was able to travel to more than 10 countries in the past year and experience new cultures firsthand. Living in Chiang Mai allowed him to be more productive and creative than he ever was back in Australia, and he found that the relaxed pace of life and warm weather helped to reduce his stress levels and improve his overall well-being.

James felt like he was finally living the life he had always wanted and was grateful for the freedom and flexibility that geoarbitrage had given him. By taking advantage of the lower cost of living in Chiang Mai, he was able to reduce his expenses and live a more affordable and fulfilling life, while also enjoying the benefits of working remotely as a graphic designer.

Example 3: Running a Business from Bali

Tom was the owner of a successful online business in the UK. Despite his success, he was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain his business due to the high costs of running it. He knew that something had to change if he wanted to continue to grow his business.

After doing some research, Tom discovered the concept of geoarbitrage. He learned that by moving his business to a location with lower living costs, he could significantly reduce his overhead expenses and increase his profits.

Tom decided to move his business to Bali, where he could take advantage of the lower living costs and the relaxed lifestyle. He found a beautiful villa that he could rent for a fraction of the cost of his previous home in the UK. He also found that the cost of living in Bali was much lower than in the UK, which meant that he could reduce his expenses while continuing to grow his business.

With the help of his team, Tom was able to establish a presence in Bali and continue to run his business as usual. He found that the relaxed lifestyle and beautiful surroundings in Bali helped to inspire him and motivate him to continue to grow his business.

Thanks to geoarbitrage, Tom was able to significantly reduce his overhead expenses and increase his profits. He was able to invest more money back into his business and take his company to the next level. Additionally, he was able to enjoy the benefits of living in a beautiful location, which helped to reduce his stress levels and improve his overall quality of life.


Geoarbitrage can be a powerful strategy for individuals and businesses looking to improve their financial standing and quality of life. By taking advantage of differences in the cost of living and wages between different geographic locations, people can reduce their expenses, increase their earning potential, and gain valuable experiences in new cultures and markets. Whether you are a digital nomad, an entrepreneur, or simply looking to make a change, geoarbitrage can offer a path to financial freedom and personal growth. With careful planning and consideration, you can take advantage of this strategy to achieve your goals and live life on your own terms.